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Laser Cut Digital Wipes LINT and FIBRE Free!!!

Lint Free Digital Wipes

Laser Cut Digital Wipes

  • These ISO 4 Class 10 digital wipes are laser cut on all 4 edges to seal the wipe.
  • 100 % Polyester Continuous Filament Fibre.
  • Durable, Soft and Engineered Tear resistant.
  • Laundered by 17cu m of ultra Pure DI Water
  • Wipe Size 22cmx22cm
  • Pack Size  - 150
  • Discounts availble for bulk orders please enquire.


These Wipes can be used in the following areas:

Class 10 Clean Rooms.

Digital Press Room, Flexi Biomedical and optical media printers.

OEM auto paint application.

Unltra-sensitive semiconductor, TFT-LCD and lens manufacturing processes.

Engine Component assembly and maintenance.

Aerospace and military applications.

Excellent for use in critical environments where abrasion resistance is required


Four edges cut and sealed by ultrasonic laser to prevent linting and scratching.

Durable, soft, and non-abrasive wipe.

Excellent liquid absorption.

Assures cleanliness with ultra-low levels of particles, ions and extractables consistent with Class 10 clean room environments.

Resists abrasion under rigorous use.

Processed and Packaged in a double pbag in a Class 10 clean room.

Laundered by 17MΩ of ultra-pure D.I. Water



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