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Printing and Finishing Machine Spares

Rubber Wheels and Feeder Brushes


We have a large range of wheels and brushes from Heidleberg to Roland machines if you give our sales team the diameter, width and internal diameter and you will get the most up todate price. 




This ranges from Recirculation Filters, Air Filters, Oil Filters and Water Filters see the filters page to see more details, feel free to contact our sales team through the contacts form or the details in the header.


Hickey Pickers


Hickey removers are designed and manufactured to original specifications. We use the highest quality raw materials including corrosion-proof steel and chemical resistant rubber. The molded rubber tips are chemically bonded to the steel preventing separation.


Feeder and Slow Down Belts


Belts are found throughout the printing industry handling the most demanding belt applications. We supply all types of belts elastomer, wear resistant polyurethane, woven
endless, self tracking, vacuum, with or without carcass, covered, sealed, fused and anti-static you name it and we can make it to your specifications.



Bearings and Cam Followers


We can supply a large range of bearings of all types as well as Heidelberg Cam Followers, call of sales staff for an up todate quote.  


Sheet Separators


We supply an extensive range of sheet seperators for a large range of Machine types from Heidelberg, Roland, Fuji/Shinohara, Mitsubishi and many more. All seperators are made from high quality materials and compitively priced, we hold a large range of stock items for fast delivery, so please call our friendly sales team for a price. 


Interesting Stuff

In addition to updates to our great product range we will be looking out for interesting videos and articles to act as some interesting watching or reading to kill a minute or two. 


15 Jul 15 - New Products, Filters for Heidelberg 


We have added more products to our range, check out the Filters for Heidelberg with the machine spares product area. Contact the sales team for a gret price.

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