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Miscellaneous Products

This section contains those items that are not fitted to a printing machine or finishing machine but plays an important part in the whole printing process. 




This 115x35mm compressed cellulose sponge swells to a handy 150 x100mm. Highly durable it does not break down even after prolonged use with pressroom chemicals. Contact the sales team for a price and volume requirement and delivery time. 


Wash-Up Bottles


Can be supplied in bulk or small volume and come in 500 ml and 1 litre sizes. 


Deletion and Addition Pens


Deletion Pens remove images quickly and safely on all positive and most negative plates. Whereas Addition Pens act as great touch up pens to fill in pin holes, repair broken solids and add image on all metal plates.


Linen Tester and Magnifying Glasses


We supply magnifying glasses and Linen Testers from x5 magnification large items through to illuminated x50 magnification microscopes. These products can be supplied in  large and small volume. Please see the product list attached to see the general product range and then contact our sales team with your requirements to get the most up to date prices and delivery times.




We can supply a range of tooling, please contact our sales team with your requirements.



Interesting Stuff

In addition to updates to our great product range we will be looking out for interesting videos and articles to act as some interesting watching or reading to kill a minute or two. 


15 Jul 15 - New Products, Filters for Heidelberg 


We have added more products to our range, check out the Filters for Heidelberg with the machine spares product area. Contact the sales team for a gret price.

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